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Was The Weimar Republic Doomed To Fail?

             The Weimar Republic (1919 - 1933) was short lived. The danger of hindsight is to see that it was inevitable whereas success could have been a justifiable possibility. In this essay, the reasons why the Weimar Republic collapsed will be examined and assessed to see if this was inevitable.
             The Weimar Republic had a troubled birth. It was associated with defeat in the war and the extreme-right accused it of organising strikes in 1917 - 1918, which deprived the German armed forces of vital supplies during the First World War. The feeling of extreme bitterness was cast upon the leaders of Germany as the Extreme Right called them the "November Criminals-. They were accused of "stabbing Germany in the back- when they signed the Treaty Of Versailles which was a major disappointment for the country. The Extreme Right was also responsible for terrible uproars of violence in the country; for example, the activities of the paramilitary Freikorps, the unsuccessful Kapp Putsch in 1920 and Hitler's seizure of power.
             Hostility and extreme hatred for the Weimar Republic also came from the Extreme Left. They also opposed the Weimar Republic. The Spartacists led an unsuccessful revolt in Berlin in 1919. They wanted to establish a Soviet Style government for Germany. The Freikorps were used to suppress the Spartacist Revolt by demand of the government. The government alienated the Extreme Left and this would prevent the Social Democratic Party and the Communists to later work together to oppose the threat from Hitler and the Nazi Party. If the Weimar Republic was doomed to failure then it would not have been able to suppress the violence and revolts from the Extreme Left and Right and it would have collapsed at that point in time.
             Even from The Weimar Republic's troubled birth, it was clear that the economical problems had always existed. The Treaty of Versailles had taken so much from Germany's wealth; Germany lost 13.

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