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Weimar Republic

             Economic failure was one of the main reasons for the collapse of the Weimar Republic and the rise of the Nazis. Although there were more problems; problems hampered the Republic right from the start, the legacy of Versailles, the lack of support for the Weimar Republic, flaws in the Weimar Constitution and the economical difficulties. All of these problems added to the fall of the Weimar Republic.
             In 1933, the weak Weimar Republic, which had been established after World War 1 and which had been on the edge of falling eventually collapsed. As well as it inherent political weakness, the Weimar Government had to cope with the economical crisis of 1929 which brought, in its wake, seemingly uncontrollable unemployment and rising inflation. The death of Weimar's leading political figure, Gustav Stresemann, did not help matters. .
             Had the democratic Weimar Republic been strong and popular, it might well have been able to see off the challenge of the Nazis. In 1924 Adolf Hitler said "the state itself has become the biggest swindler- As it was, the fledging Republic started off badly, found some stability in the period 1924-1929 and then collapsed after the Wall Street Crash. The end of World War 1 brought a major change in the government of Germany. The war had been run not by the politicians or even by the Kaiser but by the Generals who had exercised supreme military power. With defeat staring them in the face in 1918, the Generals could not contemplate negotiating an armistice. The Generals handed power back to the political parties in the Reichstag and a new Chancellor was appointed. Pressure was put on the Kaiser to abdicate. When he declined to go, his abdication was announced anyway, forcing the Kaiser to flee to Holland.
             The Weimar Republic began with a number of disadvantages, which hampered the democratic government right from the start. It accepted the humiliating and unpopular Versailles Treaty, with its aims limitations, reparations and the war guilt clause and was thus always associated with defeat and dishonour.

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