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The Afterlife

             The afterlife and how one gets there is as diverse as the different religions explored in this research. In some form or fashion, on average, the religions explored for the purposes of this assignment, believe that something occurs after death. This is represented by the text, sacred text and word of mouth passed down from generation to generation. In Western, Eastern and Pagan religions, the concept of how to achieve a good or a bad existence after death have remained static for centuries. For example; joy and happiness, punishments, torment, cycles of improvement, oneness with God, or reincarnation until you reach a certain stage of development have been concepts that have endured. The Bible, Qur'an, Hindu and Buddhist sacred texts, as well as the Wicca and Odinist mythology and oral communications through the years have remained static throughout time with only small variations. These belief systems when evaluated against the evolution of cultural and societal changes have not fluctuated. There are consistent themes that remain motionless; heaven or hell, reincarnation, nirvana and the divine energy of all life. This research paper will explore the understanding of afterlife, and if any changes related culture or belief systems influenced perception of the afterlife for Christianity, Islam, Buddhist, Hindu, Wiccan and Odinism. .
             In the Protestant Christian community, the by faith alone belief system is prominent. An individual is not required to live a life of righteousness, however the individual is required to receive and have faith in Jesus Christ as one's savior. If the individual takes these two steps of faith, Jesus Christ will take responsibility for the individual's sins. It is thought that one can be forgiven of their sins no matter how many good or bad deeds they have done during their life time. (Afterlife) In the Christianity belief system Heaven is portrayed as the Throne of God.

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