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God, Myth and Reality

            If one believes in God, one must also assume that the afterlife in which he/she/they presides exists as well. Or, one might believe that science could somehow explain it. Either way, we simply do not have the knowledge of, or proof of an afterlife. Belief in an afterlife is based on blind faith and unidentified phenomena. Throughout history, humans have been using figures of extraterrestrial royalty to explain natural occurrences when they did not have a scientific answer. In times where natural disasters and tragedies had no explanation, belief in higher power helped one to cope with the fear and confusion that comes with uncertainty. ¬†According to Externalism, outside sources of knowledge can be used to justify a belief. How we define knowledge is key to what we can call a justified true belief. While some will insist the spirit is a personal feeling and experience, others claim that it's simply euphoria from mutual belief, inspiration and placebo effect. This is similar to when one might feel a sense of warmth or pride after hearing an inspirational speech. While there are arguments on both sides of the spectrum that sound valid and justified, none can produce an actual proven fact because the justifications are flawed. David Hume wrote, ".when these familiar objects, I say, are so inexplicable, with what assurance can we decide concerning to the origin of worlds, or trace their history from eternity to eternity?" ¬†(Introduction to Philosophy 61) This points out that relying on flawed senses in which one does not understand is irrational when trying to prove something beyond our senses. Belief in the afterlife is established on unjustified faith and unexplained miracles.
             In ancient times, occurrences such as natural disasters, seasons changing and disease had no explanation, so naturally, humans needed to find an answer for these confusing and frightening happenings. To maintain a feeling of control over the untamable and powerful earth, humankind personified the forces of nature as relatable humans with magical qualities.

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