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Hitler's Downfall

            In life, individuals are not only perceived by their triumphs and success, but also their tribulations and failures. Quite often all that is achieved may suddenly be overshadowed by sudden mistakes that can create dire repercussions. Through either inefficiency, lack of character, or just plain bad luck coming from uncontrollable events, failure is something that is undoubtedly going to occur in life, and can lead to unfortunate outcomes. Adolf Hitler is regarded as a man who almost had world domination in his grasp, and let it slip through his fingers with a combination of irreversible and unjustifiable mistakes which ultimately cost him the war and his life. Experts debate constantly and vigorously on the reasons surrounding the Third Reich's downfall in World War II, placing blame on the German military, other Axis powers, or Hitler himself. However, the three biggest blunders made by Hitler, which ultimately led to him losing World War II and his downfall include invading the Soviet Union, declaring war on the United States, and sparing British and French forces at Dunkirk. .
             Topping the list of most scholars of the Second World War as Hitler's most climactic blunder was his invasion of the Soviet Union. As it was an invasion, it also was a betrayal, as the two had signed a pact together in 1939. In December 1940, Hitler created "Directive No. 21: Case Barbarossa" "the plan to invade and occupy the very nation he had actually asked to join the Axis only a month before, Russia. Experts for some time have discussed and analyzed the true reasons behind this invasion, noting a wide range of things. First off, his concept of "living space " ideology was a simple yet pushing factor in his reasoning. It essentially meant uprooting inhabitants of a certain area and replacing them with German settlers, the quintessential Aryan, the model German Hitler was attempting to populate the nation with.

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