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Max's Positive Vibe Café

            As you walk up to the door of Max's Positive Vibe Café, you notice a colorful, friendly mural painted by the first graduates of their training program. As you open the door, you immediately smell a savory aroma of steamed, and grilled delectable meats that makes your mouth water, and your stomach rumble. You get the feeling you are at home. As you glance over the front of houses' shoulder, you notice the smiles on all the workers and customer faces. The sleek, modern design of the restaurant may be credited to the always changing artwork, or the vault, which is the party room. That is, the atmosphere of Positive Vibe, a warm, welcoming, cheerful, positive restaurant with delicious food.
             Positive Vibe Café was created for one reason; Max Larcen couldn't get a job. Max, a dedicated and enthusiastic worker, had the skills and attitudes to be successful in the foodservice business. The problem was employers wouldn't look past his muscular dystrophy. What was the result? Max and his father, Garth Larcen, came up with Max's Positive Vibe Café and incorporated the Get Lost MD Foundation (later to become The Positive Vibe Foundation) as a Non-Profit organization. They are committed to having a menu that has something for everyone.
             A quote from the Positive Vibe website states, "Positive Vibe Café employees and customers agree: healthy living is positive living". Positive Vibe is one of the very few restaurants in RVA to offer Buffalo meat. They offer it because it is lean, low in fat, and steroid free. They offer a lot of food that is rare to this area. Their pork is all raised locally and organically. Their salads and vegetables are always fresh and locally grown. The menu features a variety of seafood and vegetarian dishes grilled or steamed. .
             Positive Vibe's catering business combines Richmond's finest chefs together to help support and create a very unique dining experience right here in the city.

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