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Liberty and John Locke

            John Locke was will and most influential people in the French Revolution also in the American Revolution. He is most famous his influential ideas one of his most famous for his natural laws which were life liberty and property. Now these had a big deal during the French revolution in how they form the new style of government. Yet he had competition with other philosophers and their ideas like Thomas Hobbes who believed that everyone was selfish and wicked just by their nature that government and an absolute monarchy needed to be in place for a country to withstand anything if it weren't for an absolute monarchy that the hold would be at war.
             Now the life of the people before the French Revolution was horrible they were always under constant harsh rulings by their unfair unjust kings. They lived in fear for whatever they did, because of the fear of what their harsh ruler will and his their punishment would be. Which John Locke's ideas of natural laws helped because he believed that if a government fails to provide the citizens with these laws that the citizens have the right to overthrow the government. In keys that's basically what caused the French Revolution is that people wanting to have basically a new form of government where there are more in control.
             Liberty now because of how the Kings lived how they would set laws and break them themselves they felt like they could move above the laws which the citizens did not prefer it all and they wanted to have the liberty of having the Kings to follow their own rules that they created. So during the French Revolution there was a Constitution that was signed that would give the citizens and in forced the king to follow his own rules or he would either get punished exiled or even executed. Now John Locke had to do with even the American Revolution with the same ideas if the English colonists wanting freedom from England didn't want to have to pay taxes to England which he also had a big influence in.

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