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College, Cellphones and Distractions

            Why are things like cell phones, iPods, and tablets so important to have when coming to college? Many people would answer this question like this "because they are cool". Well with the way technology is today and how todays phones are so high tech that is not the only answer. With products like Apple, Samsung, HP, and Android these are no longer just phone to call and text, this a phone that you can do any and everything on, from calling to texting, playing games, listening to music and even surfing the web. Instead of students, getting phones where you can call in text they purchase the $500.00 iPhone, Galaxy, HP or Droid so they can do everything on it. With this cool technology there is no stopping these young adults they must have it on them at all times of the day, including class time. .
             This paper will use a literature review to search for a better understanding of why college students use their mobile devices during class time and the distractions it causes them affecting their overall learning in the class. This analysis of literature will help provide an understanding to why students choose the high tech phone over the low tech phone, therefore helping us to further understand how big of a distraction it is to use cell phones during class time for college students. What are the main causes of the use of mobile devices in class, why is it important to college students, do you really have to multitask when using a mobile device and what is perceived from the use of these mobile devices.
             From the analysis that was conducted of the literature in this field it seems there is more than one theme that stands out. The students see a new phone out and that enhances their attention spend. It doesn't matter where you are the bus, class, restaurant these mobile devices seem to get in the way. Therefore, the distraction begins. A second theme is what the device it is , which is device has what and how many things can you do on it.

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