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The Effect of Listening to Music While We Study

            Nowadays, so many students listen to music while studying. So, it is definitely crucial to understand what impacts music can have on studying. The survey that was held in University of Phoenix in year of 2014 is a great example of how a lot of students listen to music while studying nowadays. The question "Do you listen to music while studying?" was asked to 334 students (Blackard). 294 students always listen to music, while 13 students sometimes listen to music and 27 students don't listen to music at all (Blackard). These results indicate that so many students listen to music while studying and almost all the students who listen to music think it is beneficial to listen to music while studying. However, in recent years, many scientists in this field are researching the effects of music toward studying and they have come up with different results. Although, many researches and studies have been conducted, there has been no perfect proven answers for how music affect studying quality. Nonetheless, many students are still eager to know if they should keep listening to music or stop doing so. To let students know the effects of music toward studying, so that they can study more effectively, I will analyze three different perspectives such as perspective which supports the statement music improves studying quality, music interfere studying, and music have both good and bad effects. With music devices such as cellphones, MP3 players, CD players, and laptops being used and produced more and more, students have a convenient environment to listen to music. This is why this controversy is an influential factor that can enormously impact students studying environment and quality. .
             To begin with, I will introduce one side of the controversy which is that music interferes with studying. In the article titled "How Music Affects Your Productivity", Gregory Ciotti explains that music interferes with studying (Ciotti).

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