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Music and Human

             Music is one of the oldest cultures in the history. It has existed longer than language. The reason we love music is that music is a global language and is expresses our emotion instead of words. Music is a part of our life so it is very important, but these days, as music is studied further, another reason that we need music in our life emerged. Researchers started to understand the relation between music and the brain, and found that music effected human's body, mind, and personality. In other words, music has a power to control people.
             First, music helps people to cure ill. In recent years, a new treatment called music therapy is in spotlight. It is not a method to cure people perfectly, but it helps people to recover faster or better. The rhythm of the music influences the rhythm of the body, so a patient's heartbeat calms down when he listens to a slower music, and blood pressure raises when he listens to a louder, and faster noises.(Turner) In China, musical albums titled such as "Obesity," "Insomnia," "Liver," "Heart," or "Kidney Bladder Suite" are produced. They are composed to effect on each part of the body or symptom. In rehabilitation clinics, music therapy is also used. Music increases the amount of endorphins and the natural pain relievers, while decreases the amount of stress hormones.(Turner).
             Music therapy works not only on the body but also on mind. Music can provide an opportunity for the client to reminisce and talk about the fears of death, so music therapy is used in hospices.(Turner) As stated above, the client's breath slows down and mind is soothed while listening to music, thus the patient can feel relaxed and can face with death quietly.(Turner) On the other hand, music therapy is good for rehabilitation in mentally, for listening to music encourages the client to have emotion to cope with treatment.(Layman) Therefore, to take a treatment with music therapy is effective.

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