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A Special Place to Me - The Woods

            The woods to me is a place of peace and harmony between nature and the world, a place to escape from it all and relax.
             The visual of the wood is like an oil painting hanging on the wall, but there is more to it than the artist may show. There are 30ft tall trees as far as the eye can see, animals who call this wonderful place home, a wide arrangement of flowers of different .
             size and colors, and many different plants that line the floor of the woods. The fall leaves as they change color from green to an orange color, the change in grass color to a dull, grayish color.
             The sounds of the woods are a symphony of music that fuses together in harmony to create a peaceful melody. There's angry squirrel fussing because someone stole his nuts, a cricket chirping after a bad joke, armies of birds having a singing competition so see whose voice is more beautiful, the howl of the wolf to the distance, and the frogs chirping to find their mate. But there is the two sounds that ruin the song during the cold months and they are; the frightening sound of gun fire scaring away the birds, and the other animals hiding for the winter to stay warm. .
             The smell of the woods is unique and special like a fingerprint. There's the scent of a flower shop with the smell of wild roses and honey suckle, the smell of a skunk is blowing past from upwind, the scent of defecation everywhere, the strange scent of nasty water flowing through the creek where it runs through a farm somewhere up stream, the stank of a dead animal decomposing while vultures feed on it's dead carcass and the sweet scent of berries.
             The feel of the woods is an emotional and spiritual experience. The rough texture of the tree bark, the smooth touch of a stone as you cast it across the creek, the slick skin of a frog if you catch one, the fuzzy feel of moss growing on the northern side of a tree, the wisp of air rushing by, and the most unique is the soft touch of fur from the small woodland creatures.

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