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My Special Place

            Everyone has their own special place sometime in their life. My own special place would have to be the Whitehurst park swing park. I spent most of my child childhood there with family and friends. It holds most of my best childhood memories. .
             The swing park was the most idyllic place for children to play. It was right next to the school and near the Spar shop so it was the easiest place to get to. It had a slide, an aeroplane climbing frame and it had six swings. There was also a football field, which had goal posts for all the older boys to play. The council had also put the nets in the posts and then you didn't have to worry about people vandalising them. .
             The main reason why I class the swing park as my special place is because whilst my grandpa was alive he used to take me there to play. When I was still at nursery my gran and grandpa used to pick my little cousin and I up and would take us to the park. We would play at the park for hours and he would buy us ice-lollies and sweets if we got hungry. It was a good place to play for hours because it always felt like summer and there was always something you could do to keep yourself occupied. My grandpa would always play on the swings and chute with us, which always kept us happy. It felt great seeing how happy my grandpa was when he was playing with us. My grandpa also spoke a lot about his childhood, he"d always tell us about when he used to play at the swing park down the Stevenston shore. He told us that there were swings, climbing frames, a chute and his favourite was the roundabout. .
             When I started primary school my gran and grandpa stopped taking us to the park as we were older and could go there on our own. He would still occasionally come and see us all playing at the park because he loved watching us have fun. Everyday after school my friends and I would always run to the park and play at there until it was dinnertime. It felt like the gates at the park was welcoming us with a opening arms because it was such a fun place to play and you always felt safe.

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