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The Special Formula

            The development of who we are is a never-ending process. No one experience can makes us who we are; yet somehow we find its events influencing in some small way. Our every action and every thought shape us in some way. Many things have influenced me throughout my life, however four have had the most lasting impact on me so far, and have helped to make me more defined and special.
             When my mother was almost 9 months pregnant with me, her grandma (which would be my great- grandma) was diagnosed with cancer and given three weeks at the most to live. My great grandmother was devastated because I wasn't due until another 4 weeks, and she kept telling my mom I was going to be a girl. My great grandma was excited because I would be her first great granddaughter. She stubbornly told my mom that she would last as long as it took in order for her to see her first great grand daughter. .
             Four weeks later, my mother gave birth to me on June 6th, 1985. My great grandmother, seemingly in great shape, came to the hospital to see me. She was very happy that I had red hair, the same color in which she had when she was young. My mother couldn't believe that her grandma had had red hair because ever since she had known her she had always had gray hair. My great grandma proudly gloated on how I would be just like her.
             After visiting me at the hospital my great grandma then returned home where she died peacefully in her sleep a few hours later. It was truly a miracle that she had lived as long as she had. She proved that if you truly want something, you can achieve it. One should set goals, and reach them as she had. Ever since hearing this story when I was young, it has helped me to appreciate my loved ones even more and to try to keep a close knit family. It has made me feel so special that someone I hadn't even really met loved me so much that I was her one will power for living. When I reflect on that, it helps me through the bad times.

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