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Maths- netwroks

             a) A small business is looking to interconnect all of their computers with a direct cable link network. All of the computers must be connected to each other directly or through other computers. The minimum distance is required to be known as linking the computers is an expensive procedure, installation is charged per meter of cable. Your job is to design a network and find the minimum spanning tree for the business.
             b+c) Figure 1.
             d) All measurements have been made and a diagram produced that shows the location of all the computers as well as the minimum spanning tree network. This will prove the cheapest path for the cables to be placed.
             This diagram or network could show the foot paths around a large zoo, with the nodes of the network being the exhibits and the lines being the paths. This diagram is an overhead or aerial view of the zoo and can be used as a map that can be supplied for visitors. The numbers on the diagram show the distance in meters between the exhibits, by the paths.
             Part B.
             Surveying is an important part of everyday life, as without it nothing could have been built in the correct place, and no one would know who owned what land, it can also be used to answer questions relating to the lay of the land such as in what places certain vehicles can operate on or where houses can be built. A conventional surveying technique is the use of the theodolite. A special machine designed to measure distances by measuring how long it takes for a beam of light to get to a reflector pole and back again, it can then work out the distance by dividing the speed of light by the time and then halving that to find the distance in meters. .
             The theodolite has many applications such as finding out if a football field is the correct dimensions; it can also be used to update data for maps or to work out distances when working on roads or stepping out a building plot. It is also a very accurate measuring device and can be used in conjunction with a portable GPS to attain the bearings of each point or corner and using the formulas:.

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