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Math essay

             Math "Real World Project-.
             Within the estimating and proposal write-up many factors are taken into account. .
             mathematics is the main ingredient and I would like to show a few examples of that. Renovation is the process in which a house is fixed, not built from the ground up. For this project I called the United Construction company and spoke to a man named Billy. Billy is a carpenter for United Construction, a carpenter is someone who measures and cuts materials, then places them in position. There are three main steps to renovating a room or house. First you must start by measuring the area of the room, in this case a kitchen. Math is then used when checking the room to figure out what kinds and how much materials and fixtures will be needed to clean, rebuild, and or add to the room. Finally math is used to come up with an determined of how much all of the tools will cost, the estimate how much time the job will take, the cost of labor, and the cost of the overall job. Math is the main ingredient in the recipe to rebuilding a house, and without math you would not be able to build anything correctly, just by estimating.
             Before starting the actual building process, a well planned out and precise measurements of the room must be made. Before the measurements are taken the one must have the right kinds of tools. To measure a room one needs, a tape measure, a notepad, a calculator, a pen or pencil, and sometimes a level, a level is a tool used to make sure that certain edges and areas in a house are even, or level. Levels come in many shapes and sizes such as triangles, 180 and 90 angles, measuring hard to reach and oddly shaped areas. First you measure the perimeter the distance around the room and area the number of square units of the room. To measure the area of a room you use square ft. Multiply the width of the room squared by the height of the room squared.

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