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             Moore, mostly because we got along really well and she was always willing to help me and talk to the class. She was my pre-algebra teacher at Running Brushy Middle School. In her class we got to have fun while doing math, by making games and having class discussions about it. She was always fun to be around and would always have a smile on her face. Even when she was mad at us she never yelled. She just merely explained her feelings and asked us for suggestions on how that we could fix problems that we had as a class. One of her qualities that I think is almost the most important thing for any good teacher to have is a good sense of humor.
             I think that I am a good math student, not because I am particularly good at it but because I try hard. Even if I don't do so well on a test or quiz I know that I have tried my best. I try to study before tests by writing and repeating things but also by making a game out of it because that's how I learn best. I"m not likely to get it by copying notes off a board. Getting up and shaking things up makes everything easy to learn for me. For example using the Pythagorean Theory you can make cards with numbers on them, you have to find which group of three goes together to make the theory work. It gives you something to actually touch and you have to work the problem from all angles using more abstract thinking, therefore getting a better understanding of the theory in general. .
             A negative math experience has been some rather icy math teachers. What they do that I hate for a teacher to do is just put notes up and then sits back at their desk and then comes back and explains it. It distances the class from the teacher and makes them feel like they aren't valued and recognized by the teacher. It's very important for the teacher to have discussions and conversations with the students, treating them like more of a real person than someone they have to teach.

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