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Continuity and Change - Russia and China

            The Mongol Rule was politically much more significant in the Chinese than the Russians, but increased the economic effects equally in both regions. In China, the Mongols completely ignored civil service exams and administration by the Chinese, while in Russia, they maintained a tributary relationship with local princes. Both conquered regions were taxed, and increased globalization. The Mongol enforced harsh rules on both the Chinese and Russians, but allowed them to practice their religion freely. .
             When the Mongols invaded China, the Chinese prohibited themselves from learning anything Mongolian. While in China, some Mongolians absorbed Chinese culture. For example, some adapted Tibet Buddhism, while others stayed Shamanism. This shows there was a fine line between the Chinese and the Mongolians. Mongolians were conquerors. Like Alexander the Great, they were good at conquering, but terrible at administration. This was one of the reasons, the Mongolians brought Persian administrators to govern the Chinese. Also, many existing Chinese officials were ignored and disrespected of their position and no Chinese person could take the spot of China's administration because the Mongols totally ignored the Civil service exams that the Chinese had. The Mongols did not trust the Chinese. Eventually, the Mongols moved their capital into China, which is now, present-day Beijing.
             Besides China, the Mongols also conquered Russia. The Mongol-controlled Russian territory was called the "Golden Horde". This was the longest lasting Mongolian empire, because other empires like the Islamic Empire or the Chinese had already saw themselves as a whole empire and was very centralized, which, over time, would have the stronger rebellious power compared to Russia. Russia was a much decentralized region. Much of the Golden Horde was ruled by local Princes. When the Mongols ruled over Russia, these local princes and the Mongolians established a tributary relationship.

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