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The Greatness of Lady Macbeth

            C Bradley, Macbeth has a different strength when it has to do with atmosphere as compared to that of any other Shakespearean tragedy. In Macbeth, he gives his thought on how well the tragedy is written and the many characteristics of it. Many people believe that it is the best of the tragedies darkness is always showing over the play. There are moments in the play that shows light always break up the darkness somehow. It shows bright and greatness of the scene of the entire play of the dark atmosphere. There are different examples of this in the beginning of the play. In the first scene of the play, this is shown through a thunderstorm but there are flashes of lighting. Bradley describes the darkness of the atmosphere as "the impression of a black night broken by flashes of light and colour, some vivid and even glaring (334).".
             Another example is "the dagger hanging before Macbeth's eyes and glittering alone in the midnight air (335)."These are both scenes where small flashes of light that creates a light in the darkness. Throughout the entire play, the image of blood is put into the mind of the reader. The murder's grab the reader's attention. This causes the reader to see the image of blood all the time. This helps to show the darkness of of the play. The two characters that catch the eye of the reader are Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are very determined they both have the same goals. Both of them are pushed by "the same passion of ambition: and to a considerable event they are alike (350)". They both want the same thing they both want to have power and control over people and control over people. However, they also have many differences. Macbeth shows to be the bravest throughout the play; similar to what he showed when he led his army. At different scenes of the play, he has too much passion. Bradley realized that he needs strength to get through all of this.

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