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Downloading Music

            Today in our American society downloading music from the internet seems to be a hot trend. People of all ages have become obsessed with the fact that you are able to download music, movies, etc. from the internet for free. Although downloading the music is illegal, people, especially teens continue to do so. Why are we doing this, you ask? Music now and always has been an American pastime. Through out this essay you will see the advantages and disadvantages of downloading music and other things from the internet.
             Music trends change through the years, but the popularity of music has not changed. We've gone from 45 rpm records to 8 track tapes to cassette tapes to CD to DVD. The industry continues to grow, as do the prices to purchase the latest music. With the popular surge of the internet in the past ten years, music is easier to obtain. Sites such as Napster and now Kazaa encourage people to download music at what was thought to be free of charge. Although, the music service and the actual songs are free, people whose internet connection has been use to download music are being charged. Unknowingly people especially teens and children, downloaded music to CD which has been deemed illegal by the FCC and the music industry. .
             The pros to downloading items from the internet are its free, or it appears that way. People who are huge music fans may just like one or two songs from an artist's CD, and they don't feel the need to buy the whole CD. They just get online and onto whatever music site and get the songs they want for free. As for movies, you can do the same. It could be possible to download a movie online, and then transfer it onto DVD. The only prices you are paying are for the blank DVDs, and the same goes for downloading songs onto blank CDs. Another major Pro is it helps to broaden your music selection. Through advertisements on these certain websites, you can find out about new and out coming artists.

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