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Concert Report - Connecticut Little Symphony

            On Sunday, October 19, 2014 the Connecticut Little Symphony performed at St. Peter's Church, Chelsea 346 West 20th, NYC. Their program entitled "An American Sound" consisted of works by Jewish Russian-American composers, composers such as Eric Ewazen, Elmer Bernstein, Aaron Copland and others. The program was intended to bring together a small core group of musicians to allow the music usually played by a full symphony orchestra; which is usually set in large concert halls, to be played in a small public area. Some selections of the concerts included a quintet entitled "Western Fanfare", a symphonic composition entitled Music from "To Kill A Mockingbird", and another entitled "Simple Gifts" among others. .
             Eric Ewazen has received his M.M and D.M.A degrees from The Julliard School and has been a faculty member there since 1980. He is a recognized composer whose works have been performed all over the world by various groups and ensembles. .
             The first piece of the concert was entitled "Western Fanfare" by Eric Ewazen. The piece consists of a brass quintet with fast tempos and exciting themes. Having heard the piece before hand, it was noticeable that the performers took some creative liberties and stretched dynamics and tempos. At some points it seemed as though the tempo were way above where they are usually played and added an exciting drive to an already exciting piece. There were many syncopated rhythms right from the start of the piece, the syncopated rhythms provided a stark contrast to the long melodic lines in the middle section of the song. The piece had an ABA form as the beginning returned at the end of the piece after contrasting middle section. Overall the performance was enjoyable and breathed fresh air into well composed American piece. .
             Elmer Bernstein is also an American composer who has experience in in film television composing, stage work and audio recording.

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