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             I became aware of a pending development through an announcement in the local newspaper, and, as a concerned citizen, would like to deliver to you my opinion on the new resort being developed in the community.
             To begin with, I feel that having a development company draw up plans to build a resort on the 200 acre land is an outstanding idea. The amount of jobs, people, and tourists this will bring will prove the program to become a huge success. The 300 (plus) jobs that the job demands will bring in several new citizens, therefore increasing the size of the community. Also, the announcement stated that thousands of tourists are expected to visit each year. This will provide a new source of income and can be reinforced throughout the community, which brings me to my next point.
             The ethical question that comes up would be "Is this a morally correct investment when forested land, habitat of the Bald Eagle, Common Loon, and the plant species of the Ram's Head Ladyslipper, is removed for building space?" My opinion is that although these species are threatened in the state of Michigan, this development is vital to the progress of the community. Along with funding of the community, the income made can and should be used to preserve the wildlife that may be excluded due to the new development. The forest land will in fact become fragmented, but it also can be restored using part of the profit from the resort. The fact of the matter is that the idea and building plans are too promising and productive to pass. Thank you for taking time to appreciate my input.

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