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The Fight or Flight Response

            Fear is something that affects each person at some point in his or her life; this event that is associated with fear can either become a positive influence or a very negative one. There are two reactions that a person can partake in when encountering fear, and these would be to flee or cause a quarrel. This fight or flight response is triggered by fear, but how a person uses it depends on the influence of several key factors. The way that people are able to act with the fight or flight response depends on morals and the way that they are affected by the media. Both of these responses are based upon individual morals and opinions, as well as instinct; these factors allow a person to chose whether he or she shall choose to flee from a fearful situation, or fight.
             The fight or flight response is used for people that feel threatened or even frightened by someone or something. This can be related to many, in a lot of different situations, even in movies. Going along the topic of movies, if someone is afraid of a certain movie, they have a choice to make from the start: they can choose to stay and fight their fears, or they can flee and do something else."Fight or flight, or an outpouring of stress hormones, is intended as a life-saving response to imminent danger"(Dr. Marc Siegel). This tactic is used as a defense mechanism that contributes to things that people are taught ever since they are little, "Physical responses are intended to help you survive a dangerous situation by preparing you to either run for your life or fight for your life" (Julia Layton). Although there are many different situations in which you can utilize the fight or flight response, it is a strategy to keep from the time one is little, until the time where one is fully grown up; it is something that one cannot grow out of.
             Morality is an important impacting quality that everyone has, but not all people choose to use their morals correctly or not.

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