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An Overview of Sex Addiction

            When you get caught doing something wrong what is the first thing you do? Is your first instinct to own up to what ever it is you did wrong or do you come up with an elaborate excuse? For most people it would be the latter. One situation where making up an excuse seems to be common is when you are confronting sex addiction. Sex addiction is defined as a "progressive intimacy disorder characterized by compulsive sexual thoughts and acts ". In other words, individuals who are unable to perform everyday tasks because they have constant sexual images running through their heads are defined as sex addicts. Some researchers believe that sex addiction is in fact a real disorder while others believe that is an excuse used by many men and women to cover for their sexual behavior. Both sides make valid points but overall researchers against sex addiction being real have stronger evidence to prove their point. Personally, I do not believe that sex is a real disorder simply based on the fact that there is either none or not enough evidence to support the claim of sex addiction being real. .
             To this day, many people still feel the need to keep sex in the dark as if it were a taboo. When talking about sex it still seems to be a very "hush-hush " topic or that you must only talk about it behind close doors. With ideas like that, it is no wonder why people want to blame their active sexual behavior on an "addiction ". Too much sex is not bad for you and it certainly will not kill you; unless you are having sex with someone who has a sexually transmitted disease, then you might be in trouble. Researchers Lawrence and Richard Siegel argue that sex addiction is just the go to phrase for when you are caught red-handed. When a spouse is caught cheating or a man is caught trying to solicit a prostitute they often like to claim sex addiction hoping to get somewhat of a slap on the wrist instead of any other major consequences.

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