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Turkish Armenian Gradualization

            Turkish-Armenian relations have been deadlocked since Armenia declared full independence from the Soviet Union on September 21, 1991. The long history of a closed border and lack of concrete diplomacy between the two states has long impeded the process of normalization (Iskandaryan 37). However, the beginning of the 21st century, Turkish-Armenian relations have entered a new era with the restoration of the Akhtamar Church, demonstrations in Turkey after the deposition of Hrant Dink, Turkeys EU membership and most recently, the visit of Turkish president Abdullah Guls visit to Armenia in 2008 (Gorgulu 19). A new era in the Turkish-Armenian relation has begun, which until recently has been blocked due to the historical tension between the two states. Although in present day Armenia and Turkey, post opening of the border, a mutual relationship of both nations will be a difficult process but will lead to an ultimate normalization between them. .
             Without biases, blame cannot be placed on only one side for the lack of diplomatic ties as well as the closed border that separates both nations (Gorgulu 21). Furthermore, both sides were challenged by the conflict occurring after the collapse of the Soviet Union resulting in increased tension from both sides ultimately leading to the closure of the Turkish-Armenian border. Turkey went on to recognize the independence of Azerbaijan on November 9th, 1991 leading to the a global recognition of all countries branching off from the Soviet Union where Turkey began to establish ties with the surrounding nations. Turkey first recognized Armenia in the beginning of 1992 electing an ambassador to Armenia (Gorgulu 20). This allowed for diplomatic delegations covering topics from trade to policy (Gorgulu 20). Additionally, Turkey invited Armenia to become a founding member of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (Gorgulu 21). Armenian involvement within this joint organization with Turkey was a sign of improving relations with one another.

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