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1776 by David McCullough

            "The sun never shined on a cause of greater worth.Everything that is right or reasonable pleads for separation." " .
             - David McCullough, 1776.
             Some things I learned about US History that I had no knowledge about before reading the book "1776,"by David McCullough were:.
             1. King George III was a cruel man.
             2. George Washington was a reserved man. .
             Before reading 1776, my knowledge of King George III was pretty slim, so anything read about him was something learned. The King's negative attitude towards the 13 colonies help him and his country gain power is the first impression I get. He treats the colonists like peasants who don't deserve to control their own destiny as a growing American nation. Secondly, is George Washington. With little to no education, as a general, he was a conservative man. Washington liked to study his enemy, and did not make decisions without thinking them through thoroughly. However, wiser than most uneducated people, Washington got reliable and trustworthy people to help him strategize plans for success. The new knowledge I gained from McCullough's 1776 could be helpful in class whenever the chapter is not only of course over King George III or George Washington, but for King George III to realize what he put American colonists through and identify certain examples will be very helpful; and, that George Washington although a beloved American legend was not nearly as perfect as I have learned about before, but he was a very knowledgeable man for being uneducated. .
             Chapter 3.
             McCullough's Title: Dorchester Heights.
             My title: Battling for Boston.
             Throughout chapter 3, it effectively displays the American Colonists success in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. The Britains dreamed of taking Boston by burning it and the entire East Coastline. However, this was not the case With the task of separating from Britain at the top of almost every American Colonists list. With there being many British authority members in the city and the city itself being a popular place for rebellious acts, these 2 did not mix well.

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