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john adams

            John Adams was one of the most important Americans of our time. His unique passion for politics, family and religion all combined to create a remarkable individual. His influence is felt today throughout the United States. One could consider this man to have foreseen the future with the way he helped advise fellow politicians in the creation of the United States. He saw things many men were ignorant to, and also traveled to many places that most men could have only dreamed. In fact, he was the first American minister (after independence) to step foot into King George III's (of England) court (335). He was admired by the French, English and the Dutch, amongst others (in Amsterdam, he started America's first foreign legation - The Hague) (255). Adams was a man with charming personality and the ability to talk. His oratorical skills were impeccable and this is what allowed him to have great success.
             John Adams was born on October 19, 1735 to the parents of John Adams and Susanna Boylston (30). He grew up in Braintree, Massachusetts and would later remain in this town for the raising of his own children. Braintree, during his youth, was a small agrarian based village not far from Boston. The author of this biography, David McCullough detailed Adams's childhood extremely well. His use of language created a clear picture of what life in the middle of the 18th century in Massachussetts appeared to be. McCullough used the written letters of John Adams to re-create this great intellectual. During his childhood, McCullough claimed that Adams's parents stressed the importance of religion and love. They created a strong family bond centered on religion and love. This would create the foundations for a superb moral and intellectual human being. Adams will take these wonderful characteristics and instill these values into his own family. This is incredibly important. McCullough did a wonderful job portraying how Adams's used this basis for instilling values into his own children.

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