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John Adams

            "By my constitution, I am but an ordinary man. The times alone have destined me to fame and even these have not been able to give me much.".
             This quote was written by John Adams into his diary, one quiet night after his .
             presidency. John Adams was born on October 30, 1735, in Braintree, Massechusetts .
             (which is now called Quincy, Massechusetts). He was born to John Adams Senior and to Susanna Adams. John grew up the son of a village preacher and a housewife. He went to the best private schools, and kept his grades up. He was a good kid who grew up to help lead the independence of all Americans everywhere. John Adams married Abigail Smith, and together they had five kids; Abigail, Susanna, John Quincy (6th president), Charles, and Thomas. He was one of the men who nominated George Washington as the 1st President of the United States of America. If John, along with Samuel Adams (his 2nd cousin), did not get involved in the Revolution, the U.S. might still be a set of colonies.
             John Adams didn't just talk about independence; he did something about it. He was an inspiration to George Washington himself. His dedication to his country's independence was part of the backbone of the Revolution, along with all the other great leaders including Thomas Jefferson. Much of his education of politics, that proved to be useful in his life as a Founding Father, was taught to him at Harvard University. John Adams did a lot more than sit around, he helped out by editing the Constitution with Ben Franklin, he became Vice-president to President Washington, and then became the 2nd President of the United States of America. Benjamin Franklin thought of Adams as a good man. He said this about him one day, "He means well for his country, is always an honest man, often a wise man, but sometimes, and in some things, absolutely out of his senses." Many people saw Adams as a smart person who always spoke out.

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