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John Quincy Adams, 6th President of the United States of Ame

            A child of the American Revolution, John Quincy Adams was the first President of American History whose father, John Adams, also served a term as President of the United States of America. Since birth, JQA was well groomed and educated in preparation of his predetermined destiny to become a future president. Author of John Quincy Adams, Robert V. Remini, described JQA best, "A reluctant, conflicted leader destined to serve his country- (32). Although Adams did achieve his goal of becoming president, his term in the White House was overshadowed by his two other political careers that earned him his nickname, "Old Man Eloquent" because of his extraordinary speeches in opposition to slavery. .
             JQA was born on July 11, 1767, in the village of Braintree (now Quincy), Massachusetts, located a few miles from Boston. Within the first nine years of his life his father and mother paid particular attention to his education where he learned such subjects as: mathematics, languages, and the classics of American History. His father and mother placed high expectations in regards to both education and religion. His father would always instruct Abigail on John's daily trainings, "Attention upon great and glorious Objects, root out every little Thing, weed out every Meanness, and make him great and manly- (John Quincy Adams, 3). It was at nine years of age that JQA experienced, first hand, the American Revolution. His father, John Adams, along with Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Patrick Henry, and George Washington placed themselves and their family in danger as they committed treason against Britain, punishable by death, by signing the Declaration of Independence. .
             It was within the first year of the war that it has been said that JQA learned of the harsh realities of growing up into a man, and later recalls in life feeling responsible "as the eldest son "for protecting his mother while his father attended to the business of revolution (The American President, 1).

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