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Characterisitcs of Alexander Hamilton

            Alexander Hamilton was one of the most influential founding fathers of the United States. Hamilton was an Immigrant, a Visionary, a Gentleman, the Secretary and Statesman, an Autocrat, Banker, and a Quintessential American. Throughout his years of service, he had a reputation of being arrogant, a hard worker, having intellectual perceptiveness, attaining bravery and courage, and being inflexible. Alexander Hamilton's indiscretions ruined any chances he had of leading the United States (Blumer 2007). The legacy of Alexander Hamilton's life was a huge one, he was the force behind the Constitution, he was the chief advocate for a stronger central government, and the First Secretary of the Treasury. Alexander Hamilton was undoubtedly an important figure that contributed greatly to the United States however; his transition from his rough childhood to his dignified adulthood eventually portrays Hamilton as a more profound significant character (Blumer 2007). .
             Alexander Hamilton the Immigrant, Autocrat and Gentleman; Through lowly beginnings as an boy and then an immigrant, Alexander Hamilton's sudden upward path through society made him an unlikely member of the American aristocracy. His life represented an early version of an American Dream of achieving success by merit, not by birth (Blumer 2007). Alexander Hamilton was a foreigner that came to the Americas with a different perspective on how the government should be, for example he thought in terms of the entire United States and lived his life for the country. He strived to be a gentleman, a proud father and husband, while not without his transgressions. He committed adultery that deeply hurt his wife Elizabeth. However to Hamilton, honor came before his family embarrassment, which led him to acknowledge his affair with honesty and frankness (Blumer 2007). Alexander Hamilton was motivated by determination to accomplish something extraordinary and become recognized.

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