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Decoding Colors and Moods

            Have you ever wondered what the true meaning behind your favorite color is and how it can show what type of person you are? Colors can affect people in many different ways and although many people don't think about the depth of colors and what they mean, they can define who someone is in many ways. Someone's favorite color affects their entire personality by changing their disposition, mood, and psychology. .
             When someone tells you their favorite color, it can actually play a part in defing their personality and disposition. When you ask someone what their favorite color is, whether they think about it or not, the majority of the time it affects their personality. Sindy Smith stated that her favorite color is purple: "If purple is your favorite color you have a great respect for people but can be arrogant.  Others can mistake your desire for all things to be sophisticated as being intimidating. You tend to be sentimental and have a great amount of empathy for others" (Johnson). Surprisingly, these are all true statements about Sindy Smith People are subconsciously drawn to certain colors although they might not know the background about the color. When interviewing Smith she was asked, "Do you find that you intimidate others?" she responded "Yes, people tell me that I intimidate them; maybe because I'm outspoken, opinionated and say what I feel. I think sometimes people tend to be surprised about that." She was also asked, "Do you find yourself caring more about yourself or others?" Sindy responded, "I care more about others. I believe that's why I ended up in the health care profession; I respect everyone's needs and feelings. I care about people who are emotionally or physically hurting and can usually tell by looking at them. It has taken me a long time to actually start to think about myself." Sindy Smith's answers prove that her simple answer of "purple" is much more than a simple statement; the deeper meaning of the color purple shows some insight about her.

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