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The Dangers of Distracted Driving

            Currently, there are around 326,400,000 citizens that use a mobile device (CTIA). Statistics show that more than 100,000,000 use a cell phone while driving (Cell Phone), and around 1,600,000 car crashes involve drivers using cell phones and texting (Marino). You might say that you are a good driver and have no problem using your mobile device or cranking up your radio while driving, but distracted driving is dangerous. And in my opinion, it is a foolish act and should be eradicated.
             Texting while driving is common in the United States. It is almost uncommon to not spot at least one person who is texting on their phone while driving. Some of the dangers of texting while driving can involve, and certainly are not limited to, not seeing the cars in front of you braking, which results in a collision with you and the stopped cars; blowing red lights, which results in a ticket and/or a treacherous accident; and loss of concentration of the road, which could result with you riding off the road or out of your lane into a ditch, another car, road sign, pedestrian, or any of the previous results. .
             To solve this, you should eliminate distractions before you start driving. What I mean by this is to silence your alert sounds on your phone and get all of your texting in before you drive. Most people will put their phones on vibrate; I say to silence them because, what you cannot hear cannot tempt you. If you cannot hear the ringtone or feel the vibration from your phone, why would there be a temptation to take it out and check it? Also, inform whomever you are texting that you will be driving and will be unable to respond to any further text messages. However, if it is an emergency and you need to contact someone, be smart and pull over. By pulling over, you are relieved of all the driving stress so that you can freely talk or text on the phone without having to worry about getting into an accident.

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