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The Dangers of Speeding

            Mahatma Gandhi once said, "There is more to life than simply increasing the speed." To me, this quote is not only about life, it is about everything, including driving. There are many dangers when driving when you're not speeding and those increase tenfold when you are speeding. Speeding is not only dangerous for you but it is also dangerous for everyone on the road with you. When you get in a car and make the conscious decision to speed you are, to put it simply, being stupid. There are very many risks that people take every day when they get in a car, such as texting and simply staying distracted but speeding is one that most people see as a normal thing to do when they need to see it as one of the most dangerous things you can do on the road. .
             There are many things you can do on the road that are dangerous. Speeding is one of the main things that people do and do not even think about but it can be one of the most dangerous because of that reason. Speeding increases the stopping distance, therefore making it take longer to stop if there is an emergency. If there is to be an accident and you are going above the speed limit the injuries can become much more serious much faster. If you get caught speeding and get a ticket your insurance can go up. Speeding is one of the leading causes of traffic crashes nationwide. These facts are what need to be considered when a person get into their car and makes the conscious decision to speed. .
             Speeding is often something that most people do and don't even think about it. When you get in your ca and are late or are simply distracted the first think you do is speed. Being distracted while driving is very dangerous to everyone on the road because it makes you speed. "Research indicates that the probability and severity of a crash taking place are strongly influenced by vehicle speed and driver attention" (Getting Results: SRTS Programs That Reduce Speeding and Distracted Driving, 2012).

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