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What I have Learn From Speeding

             The speed limit is designed to give drivers an approximate rate as to which they should drive in a specific area. It has an effect on many sets to prevent accidents from occurring. Although, in some instances, people may intentionally exceed the specified limit, which could lead to an accident. However, in the case of an emergency there may be an exception in order to allow the emergency to be taken care of as soon as possible. .
             Divers should always be cautious when driving. Tickets, which is often times referred to as citations, are given to a driver for speeding in hopes that the driver will understand the significance of why a speed limit is posted. Speed limit is the maximum legal speed at which a vehicle may travel in a particular area. Speeding which means driving a vehicle faster than the speed limit, is a form of wreck less driving. If a person is speeding and an accident happens to occur the person that was speeding in some cases, will be held responsible. .
             Fast driving is not worth being incarcerated for, but if that is what it takes to make a person understand the rules and regulations of driving, then so be it. At the same time, this may not be the only punishment for this crime, but I feel that it will allow the person more time to actually think about their dangerous actions and the effect it could have on himself or herself as well as others.
             At times, people may have their license suspended as a result of constant and continuous speeding citations. Driving is considered a privilege to some people and in order to do so, one must first past a test that questions their knowledge about the laws of the road. So people are asking themselves "Why is it that people constantly abuse this privilege of driving?" The answer to that question remains unknown.
             Speeding is one of the leading causes of death on the highways. Driving should not be taken as a joke. My meaning by that is in case of an accident if an innocent driver or pedestrian is killed the driver of the vehicle is going to be held responsible and charge with vehicular homicide, and the result of that outcome could be time in prison.

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