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            Getting into a good and well known college is everybody's dream after high school. It is the place where we continue our study to pursue our dream. Fortunately, this is one of my friend's best accomplishments in life. He goes into one of the best engineering college in Virginia straight after he graduated from high school at spring 2003. The college he goes to is called Virginia Tech. The campus is huge and beautiful, and I must admit that it is the biggest campus I have ever seen throughout my life. First week in college is the hardest time for a freshman. This goes to my friend too. When I asked him about his first week in college, he said that felt very sad, lonely and loss because he did not know anyone there and the different system of living, made him difficult to adapt to the new environment. The unfamiliar places and community made him missed his parents and friends, back in his country where he came from. It is the saddest time of his life, the day when he had to leave his parents and friends. .
             This friend of mine has a hobby for cars. He loves cars a lot, especially when it comes to sport cars. He always takes care of his car, making sure that nothing is wrong with it. He spent most of his time and money on cars and nothing else. This is how he got his worst "nightmare". He had an accident last year which caused the car to be completely wracked up. Fortunately, he only had a few scratches on his back and nothing more serious injury. He said, "It was dark and raining heavily, and I was speeding. Without my notice, I hit a pond of water which caused me to lose control of my car. My car went into a small river and flipped". This is how he got the car accident and that day was the worst day of his life. Although, he had a big accident before, this does not change his behavior towards car. He still likes cars the way he always do. Just about three months ago, he bought a BMW, 3.30 Ci. And that was the best day of his life because, finally, he has his own car.

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