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             How useful a tool is the theory of narrative when.
             Narrative is the art of storytelling.
             Storytelling is a very natural part of our.
             being and in early childhood we learn basic patterns of storytelling.
             As we grow older we are able to 'spice up? our language and.
             there-fore make our story more interesting. From an early age we.
             are able to recognise conventions that signal the start and close of a.
             narrative, to make predictions as to what will happen. We build on.
             these expectations and make judgements based on our bank of.
             cultural knowledge. We are more and more being socialised through.
             narrative forms. I shall deal with this issue later on in my writings.
             The media are the forerunners in narrative production. They present.
             to us a range of narratives that have a centralised theme with.
             similarities and differences. The nature of media narratives and.
             their relations to our social situations is the object of narrative.
             How useful is the theory if narrative? The theory of narrative is a.
             very important aspect of the media. There are a few reasons for this.
             being so. Firstly, narrative shifts attention from the content of.
             stories to the structure and process of their telling. This avoids a.
             hasty rush of judgement about the worth or value of the narrative.
             Secondly, narrative expands a great many forms across a range of.
             different media forms. Media can be organised through the concept.
             of narrative of similarity and difference. To discover formal.
             similarities through comparative study can be surprising and.
             revealing. But different narrative forms are audible to, for the nature.
             and implications of those differences can also be revealed. Thirdly,.
             by studying popular media forms, we can discover how the.
             meanings and pleasures of the narrative forms relate to the wider.
             make up of social power and how powerful the narrative is at.
             weaving ideas of society and our understanding of the social world.
             and our place within this society.

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