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The Soweto Protest

            In 1948, when the National Party won the general election in South Africa, a system known as apartheid took place in the country. The National Party is a South African political party that was founded in 1914. The members of the mentioned party are usually known as nationalists or Natz. Among its policies, apartheid comes first as well as encouragement of African culture and tradition. This party came in power in 1948 and has governed the country until the year of 1994. It means, the apartheid society has taken place in the country in a such long time. The result of apartheid led to separated race groups in the country which was devastating for black Africans. Because the apartheid legislation was leading to a society where blacks were seen inferior while whites were seen superior. Discrimination among black and white Africans became pretty normal as a result of apartheid legislations. These two race groups weren't allowed to use the same official places such as hospital and schools etc. Namely they had segregated neighborhoods, black people were forcibly removed from their homes and were put in a separated area from whites. Additionally marriage or sexual relationship between these two races were forbidden. There has been many different events and protests against the apartheid society, which resulted to deaths of numerous people. The Soweto uprising is one of the mentioned big events and protests that has been made against the apartheid society. This particular event will be the topic of this assignment, but to be able to understand better about this topic, it is essential to bring in the major causes, namely the Bantu educational act and Afrikaans Medium Decree . Knowing about the major cause will make it easier to understand why the event had happened as well as what kind of consequences and outcomes it led to. After I finish with writing the causes and outcomes of the Soweto Uprising, an analyze will be available at the following paragraph.

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