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Cry freedom

            Cry Freedom is propaganda thinly disguised as a documentary. Attenborough intended to sway people's view against apartheid. The film contains substantial evidence of bias and many different view points were ignored. The structure of the film was done in such a way to influence people's thinking towards black consciousness and to make the viewer feel offended with the events happening. The film techniques are used in a biased and prejudiced way. There are some elements of a documentary, however, this adds to the propaganda as it makes it realistic and believable, therefore having more impact. Considering all the evidence, Cry Freedom is propaganda. .
             Sir Richard Attenborough came from a radical family and he left home at the age of seventeen to study at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. His parents hated any kind of racial or religious intolerance and he grew up with the same feeling. They were involved in bringing Basque refugee children out of Spain during the Civil War and persecuted Jewish families out of Germany under Hitler's autocracy. The thought that a nation, through its parliament, could legislate laws which relegated one race of the community to an inferior position seemed inconceivable and obscene to Attenborough. .
             Attenborough had always wanted to make a film about South Africa. Donald Woods, the exiled South African newspaper editor, sent Attenborough two books; Biko and his autobiography Asking For Trouble. Attenborough knew of Woods by reputation but had not read either of the books. Woods suggested he might like to make a film on a combination of both books. He read them and was persuaded by their film potential. .
             One of the major problems, according to Attenborough, in making a film about South Africa was that the constantly changing circumstances could quickly make it out of date. Also he did not want to make a film about despair; instead he wished to make a film of inspiration.

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