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Cry Freedom

             The movie we watched was entitled "Cry Freedom". This film is about the epic struggle of black activists in South Africa fighting for equality. The opening scene provides the viewers with a harsh and realistic depiction of life for blacks in South Africa and delivers one of the most powerful insights of the entire film. We learn life was not easy for blacks. This scene shows the viewers the white governmental brutality towards struggling lower class blacks. This scene's intent was to attract the viewer's attention and give them better understanding of life for blacks. This scene was the perfect way to kick off a cinematic beauty.
             The main character, Steven Biko, was a black activist who devoted his life toward achieving equality for blacks. Steven Biko was such a strong and powerful character. Biko's wisdom and intellect were extremely impressive. In films, depicting a character such as Steven Biko is very challenging because it's hard to duplicate a great man like Steven Biko. The makers of this film achieved this task, with a little help from Denzel Washington, of course. Steven Biko was a courageous civil rights figure who stopped at nothing to reach his ultimate goal. Biko went to the most dangerous extremes to achieve equality. As a price for being so brave, he was brutally murdered in prison. The film was one of the greatest I have ever seen. I always enjoy inspirational films that give me a desire to bring change about the world myself. "Cry Freedom" is nearly flawless, its message was delivered very well. This film will forever stand as one of the greatest in cinematic history.
             Steven Biko endured a life of countless hardships and turmoil. Steven Biko was born into a poor African family. Biko introduced Donald Woods, a liberal writer, to the true side of black life. Biko stated "Born smart or dumb, you live and die here." This statement makes you realize that life for Biko was not very easy.

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