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Argument essays

             "Cry Freedom quickly degenerates from an exploration of Biko and South Africa .
             "Cry Freedom" begins with the story of a friendship between a white liberal .
             South African and an idealistic young black who later dies at the hands of South .
             African police. But the black leader is buried at the movie's halfway point, and .
             the rest of the story centers on the editor's desire to escape from South Africa .
             and publish his books. .
             This movie promises to be an honest account of the turmoil in South Africa and a .
             story of a black activist, but it turns into a usual cliffhanger about the .
             editor's flight across the border. In my view, whites occupy most of the .
             foreground and establish terms of discussion, which the majority of blacks .
             remain in the shadow, half-seen presence in the background. A specific example .
             of this occurrence is at the soccer match where Steve and Ken hear Biko argue .
             for a black culture. Although we hear Biko preach to his fellow people, most .
             parts of these scenes we encounter Steve and Ken comparing opinions, while there .
             is no discussion between the black people. .
             "Cry Freedom" corrodes from exploring Biko and South Africa and turns into .
             another 'escape' movie. The first half of the film focuses on the power of .
             Biko's charismatic personality as Biko leads Woods to understand for the first .
             time the harsh realities blacks face as third citizens. The film focuses us on .
             educating and informing the audience about the problems that occur in South .
             Africa; this is done via Biko's words. At the same time, Biko educates Wood's .
             about the Apartheid in South Africa, he familiarize Wood's to the reality of the .
             system, which supports him. It is pointed out in the black township the stark .
             contrast between Wood's luxurious lifestyle and the poverty of the blacks. Steve .
             Biko is on a quest to hold up hope that blacks and whites can work together and .
             change South Africa. This is the main focus of the film's purpose and should .

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