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Chinese Business Customs

             In business, knowing traditions and customs of host countries is paramount when beginning or carrying out negotiations. I find one of our most consistent and influential competitors and business allies to be China. China has for many years been a major contributor in the role of technology. Chinese technology and manufacturers are a huge part of the international trading system in America. In this paper I will discuss cultural differences, negotiation tactics, traditional and non-traditional customs, and attempt to explain effective methods of communication in the business sector of Chinese culture. I will begin by comparing and contrasting the cultures of China and America, and continue, by implementing ideas for effective communication and ways of successfully conducting business with China.
             China has recently had an economic spike, and was reported in an article in the Huffington Post as doing better now than ever before: "China is still faced with many daunting challenges ranging from corruption to regional income gaps and environmental degradation. But China is indeed better than at any time in its modern history. The country is now the world's largest laboratory for economic, social and political experimentation. There is every reason to believe that China, which has a continuously adaptive political system, will reach its objective of becoming the world's largest economy in a decade's time -- with all the implications for China itself and for the rest of the world at large." .
             China is one of the first noted and oldest continuous civilization in the word. Its civilization is the longest of the four ancient civilizations ancient Egypt, Babylon and ancient India. The native language of China is Mandarin which is based on Beijing dialect. The Chinese place high value on etiquette and insist on proper manners in social gatherings. The value on etiquette is stemmed from a 5000 year growing tradition, and is based off of old Chinese ways.

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