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Expository Essay - China and America

            Comparison Between China and America.
             Now a days, a lot of americans trying to study Mandarin .We all know that America is the superpower country in the world. But now China is chasing up and becoming a new superpower county.  The two countries that are geographically distant and have some commonalities but still have a lot differences.
             There are few similarities between China and America.First of all, China and America both over 3 million square miles. China has 3.705 million sq. miles and America has 3.806 million sq. miles. Second,they all have big population of people . China has 1.357 billion and America has 316.1 million.And China play an important role in the U.N. and in global politics just as America.
             The Family is the basic unit of society.It reflects the ethical values of a society,its cultural characteristics and the unique features of a nation.China and America share some family values. For example, both the Chinese and American people attach great importance to their families. American people are independent, they also respect their parents and the authorities as Chinese people do.
             But due to the difference of geographical and historical background,religion and belief,different nations have their own values. Chinese culture has been defined as a collectivist culture.In traditional Chinese culture,people attach more important to their families than they do to themselves.The interests and the wishes of the family are usually given priority.In american's family,after their children coming of age,their grown children usually move out of their parents' household and start to live on their own.Someone notes that children at the age of 22 or above usually pay their living expenses if they still live in their parents' house.It shows their independence,self-reliance and self-responsibility.Middle aged and elderly people generally do not live with their married children..
             Education system is distinct between China and America.

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