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             Last year was very colorful and many good things were invented and bad things happened too, like in every year. All sorts of events happened from the war to the great scientifically inventions that changed the world for ever, last year. Many of the events were very controversial and not many people liked what happened, but in everything bad there is some good.
             For San-Francisco year was in the same time great and very bad. More than 50,000s of fans were attracted to the city because of successful sport events that kept Bay Area fans on the roll. When San-Francisco Giants went to the baseball playoffs and advanced to the World Series city earned a lot of money on people who came into our city to watch the games. City earned a lot of money for hotels and other services. Also our city earned a lot of money from the football playoffs when 49ers went on to play New-York Giants. On the other side San-Francisco lost a lot of thousands dollars when the protests against the war took place. About 8000 people were arrested and a lot of damage was made to our streets and several police officers were injured. While most of people just protested others tried to find a way how to do more damage to our streets and they all should be ashamed of it, because its tax payers money who will go on cleaning of all that.
             Last year was very successful for the doctors. They got much closer to finding vaccine against AIDS and hope that in next few years there will be a medicine against this sickness. They also had great progress in healing asthma and they say soon they will now how to heal people from it. But in the last two weeks the word got out that in China there is very serious infection from which people die in two days.
             Several cloning events turned the world around year long. A lot of false information about making human's clones was released and many people protested against what they heard on the news.

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