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America - Political Conflict and Compromise

            "The style of this confederacy shall be, 'The United States of America.'" The United States of America first form of government was written under the Articles of Confederations. Although as time flew by in the new country located in the Western Hemisphere, the Articles of Confederation seemed not cooperate with the citizens. Damaging events like the Shay' s Rebellion was when the elites of the new government started to acknowledge the failures of the Articles of Confederation. On May 14, 1787 was the first day when our founding fathers of the Constitution met in the Constitutional Convention that took place in Philadelphia to make a new set of written laws. The making of the Constitution took a long and complicated process due to different opinions and the making of compromise. During the making of the Constitution different plans and ideas were proposed and were mainly argued against these two factions, the Federalist and the Anti-Federalist, which eventually led to an agreement in the end. .
             The Federalist was the faction that favored a new Constitution and to get rid of the Articles, which was led by Alex Hamilton and was actually the first political party in the United States. The federalist favored for the constitution because it gave a little more power to the central government. They also favored the proposed plans of the Separation of powers, which means the central government separated into three different branches and not giving to much power to another group, so the constitution could provide balance in powers and prevent tyranny. Also the Federalist wrote a series of essays that went to the newspaper called 'The Federalist Papers", they were made to favor the constitution, while many citizens thought that the constitutions gave to much power to the government and that it will take many liberties from the people, the papers were to alleviate these fears from the people and the Anti-Federalists, the opposing faction.

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