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Civil War

             "While compromise over the system of slavery was possible in 1850 it was not effective in 1860's". The paper is an analysis of the compromise of 1850, which was the continuation of the system of slavery, and the description of the events, which led to freeing of the slaves in 1860's. The fundamental differences in agriculture and the adoption of slavery in the South of America gave rise to the early American History. The thirteen states had each developed separately and had differences in beliefs and their culture and issues between them were always irreconcilable. Along with the cultural differences even the geographic differences were made apparent between the North and South America during the hundred-year period that followed after the Constitution was drafted. .
             Conflicts arose and reached its climax in 1850 regarding the concept of holding people as slaves in the territories that were being formed. In the years that preceded the Civil war the United States was constantly involved with various issues relating to slavery and the role that the federal government played in comparison to the state rights. The compromise of 1850 included nearly five legislative enactments that were actually passed by the U. S Congress during August and September that year. These proceedings basically led to resolve the political causes, which were causing divisions in the antislavery and the proslavery groups of the Congress and in the entire nation. These measures were at times also called the "Omnibus Bill", and this basically was concerning the aspect as to whether slavery was to be allowed in the areas that were acquired from Mexico during the Mexican War. (McPherson, 2000).
             There were five measures and two out of these dealt with special considerations by the South to the north, out of which one was regarding the sanction of the elimination of slave trade in areas in the Districts of Colombia and another was the permission given to California to operate as a free state.

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