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The Industrial Revolution and America

            The Industrial Revolution affected America in many ways, Economically, Socially, politically, and finally morally. The revolution started off in Great Britain in the early 1700's and didn't come to America until 1782 when William Slater brought his experiences to the US. Creating the first Textile Mill in the states, Slater and his crew built the mill in Pawtucket Rhode Island, providing close proximity to a river and waterfall which powered the mill. Eli Whitney an American inventor had a contract with the US to produce ten thousand guns in less than ten years, Whitney quickly discovered the idea of interchangeable parts, if all gun parts were made the same it would take less time. By 1824 the United States adopted the idea of interchangeable parts, doing so not only led to faster gun production, but quickened the manufacturing rate in all other venues,.
             The Revolution completely transformed America's economy, it made a full switch from an agricultural economy, to an industrial one. The Revolution built new roads, and canal systems making it easier for farmers to transport their goods to other cities. Manufacturers started borrowing money from the US bank to finance new enterprises The result was the panic of 1819 a chain reaction of bank failures, failing land prices, and foreclosures. The Industrial Revolution strengthened the country's economy because we could rely on ourselves instead of imports. Our country became wealthier and more populated due to the revolution .
             Liberty, republicanism, and independence are powerful changes to the social environment. The industrial revolution brought entrepreneurs great riches, while the industrial workers were brought poverty, and harsh working conditions. Coming out of the industrial revolution was a new working class along with a new middle class, who lived a much more comfortable lifestyle than those in the working class, owning factories, mines, and railroads.

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