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Summary of the United Nations

            There are a lot of events in history that had showed us how the different ways of thinking and beliefs could spark terrible endings. In the beginning, people fought for territory; that was the way a nation could be powerful, more lands, more minerals and resources, what is meant more money. A good economic situation did not mean same kind of life for everybody at that time. Unfortunately the inequality focused in a few groups of people sparked big revolutions searching equality, freedom and fraternity; that was when people realized that sometimes the only way to change minds was with war and violence. We live in a world with many differences, but all of those ways of thinking and beliefs, especially politics, should guarantee compliance of the basics human rights. Government should guarantee the goodness of a society and also should try to make decisions maintaining peace between the nations. The United Nations was born at the end of the Second World War, as an organization to preserve the peace and security between the different governments, with the purpose to avoid conflicts or situations that attempt to the human rights. The question is how much can the UN do to preserve human rights in a nation? Is it an effective organization?.
             Indisputably the UN has made good actions to help countries with different kind of problems, but we are still living in a world with a lot of differences. There are countries with internal conflicts related with corruption, internal war, diseases, famine, etc. Most of them involve with the political management which should guarantee with the resources that they have, goodness, or at least accept help from others. It is unbelievable that with all the events happened along history, still being people who want to dominate no matter how, without thinking in the goodness for a bigger numbers of people. .
             That is the case of North Korea with a leader who prefers to invest more money in military armament than provide to the people the basics needs.

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