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Capital Punishment

             Capital punishment is the most severe and absolute form of punishment handed down to an individual who has been convicted of a crime. This should only be given out to the harshest of crimes and worst of criminals. The death penalty ought to be enforced in all fifty of the United States of America. The death penalty should be enforced because it will lessen the economic burden on our economy, prevent future crimes, and make criminals suffer the ultimate price for the crimes they have committed.
             First, having capital punishment has a bearing on the country's economy. To feed, house, and attempt to rehabilitate criminals costs money that the taxpayers of America pay every year. This is money that could be used for more important and useful things. For instance, feeding and housing homeless, education, and other areas that are in sore need of funding. Also, when spending valuable money to rehabilitate criminals there are no guarantees that the rehabilitation will be successful. It is very hard to rehabilitate the mind of a person, never the less a criminal. Therefore, it is very possible that once released back into society, the criminal will change back to their old ways and commit another crime. This would not only be an injustice to the victims of the current crime, but it would also greatly show the lack of responsibility of the judicial system of America. .
             Next, with more strict and harsh punishments it is likely that some of these crimes may be prevented if the potential criminal is aware of the consequences. For example, if a criminal was contemplating on whether to commit a certain crime, and thought about the punishments if he were to get caught, it is much more likely that if the punishment was death the criminal would highly 2.
             reconsider committing the crime. As population rises, jails and prisons will become greatly overcrowded. Therefore, applying capital punishment to ease overcrowding would be an extreme measure to reduce the prison population.

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