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Happiness in The Kite Runner

            When people forgive one another, they are often praised for their willingness to not seek revenge on those who have wronged them. Ironically, wrong doers may find that forgiving themselves is often more challenging than being forgiven by their victims. However, this redemption that comes as a result of self-forgiveness is essential for our happiness. The Kite Runner written by Khaled Hosseini, clearly shows how redemption must be achieved in order to go on after times of loss, desperation and agony. Hosseini portrays how redemption must be sought in order to go through times of loss through characters like Amir. .
             In the beginning of the novel, Amir is seen as a selfish character through his devious acts such as lying to his father and abandoning his best friend through times of desperation. An example is located earlier in the novel when Amir ordered Hassan to throw a pomegranate at him because he wanted to seek personal redemption for leaving Hassan to get raped by Assef. When Hassan refused to throw the pomegranate, Amir's guilt lingered until his confrontation with Assef where he ended up physically in pain but mentally healed because he felt redeemed for sacrificing his well-being for Hassan's son. "My body was broken - just how badly I wouldn't find out until later – but felt healed. Healed at last." (Hosseini,303) As Amir is getting beaten by Assef, he feels healed of his past for he is paying back Hassan by saving his son. Thus, the reader is able to see a link between broken characters like Amir acquiring redemption so he could live a happier life.
             In order to go through times of desperation, Hossini explains that redemption must be sought. The author portrays this message through the life of Soraya. As Soraya was desperate to go against her father's will, she betrayed her father by intentionally sleeping with another man before marriage. In her culture, this kind of act would disgrace the family.

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