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Novel Comparison: The Kite Runner and Fahrenheit 451

            People all around the world are discriminated against. The cause can be anything from being an intelligent individual to being born into another race. An individual is not born with the need to discriminate to against another, the root of the cause are influences they are brought up in. In the novels, "The Kite Runner," by Khaled Hosseini, and, "Fahrenheit 451," by Ray Bradbury, both the protagonists face the struggles of living in a life of discrimination and are influenced in different ways. The main characters Amir and Montag are puzzled, and they do not know if discrimination is the right thing to do.
             Discrimination is present in both novels, "Fahrenheit 451," and, "The Kite Runner." The main character Montag and Amir are brought up in this environment, therefore they learn to discriminate as well. In, "The Kite Runner," there is the issue of ethnic discrimination. In the Sunni (Amir's religion) or also known as Taliban controlled Afganhistan discrimination is everywhere. The Sunni discriminate specifically against the Hazara people. They massacre the Hazars in the region of Hazarajat and nearly anywhere else they can find them. Assef who is a Taliban soilder give proof of this discrimination first hand. He and the other Taliban soliders do not see the Hazaras lives as worthwhile. They barely see them as humans. The Talibans beat, torture and even execute the Hazaras without any care. The Talibans discriminate any other religion in Afghanistan but their own. Amir notices that Assef forces Sohrab who is a Hazara to dance to music for his enjoyment. However dancing and listening to music has long been banned. It raises a though in Amir's mind that "[he] guesses music wasn't sinful as it played to Taliban ears," (Hosseini, 321). Assef also tells Amir, "Afghanistan is like a beautiful mansion littered with garbage, and someone has out take out the garbage," (Hosseini, 56).

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