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Fahrenheit 451

             Ray Bradbury's novel Fahrenheit 451 reflects Bradbury's views on both censorship and conformity besides many other things. His opposition to both censorship and book burning is demonstrated through the characters feelings and thoughts.
             Originally written in 1951 as the Fireman (Beachams), Fahrenheit 451(symbolically named because that is the temperature at which paper burns) quickly became one of Bradbury's best known and most acclaimed novels. In the novel the future is a lot different from the society we have come accustomed to and know well, books aren't read; they're burned. That's the premise of FAHRENHEIT 451(brookingbook). Guy Montag, a fireman who burns books (and the houses they're found in), loves his job --- until he meets a young woman who causes him to start reading the books he once regarded as kindling. Full of surprises and brilliant insights on the importance of literacy, Bradbury's classic just might frighten you into reading more. His unique styles and artistic development keep the reader entertained and uncertain throughout the novel.
             The futuristic firemen seek out and burn books. It is a crime, in this society, to own or read books. Trivial information, in this culture, is good, and knowledge is evil. People receive all of their culture through television walls that are built right into their houses. .
             Guy Montag is a fireman who loves his work. He likes nothing better than to spray kerosene on a pile of books and watch the pages curl and turn into flakes of black ash that flutter through the air. This is shown when the Montag said, " It was a special pleasure to see things eaten, to see things blackened and changed". (Bradbury 14) This statement shows how Guy was so sure of his feeling, until the day he meets Clarisse, a young girl who has been told about a world of books, thoughts, and ideas. Their conversations precipitate a crisis of faith in Guy, and he begins to steal books and hide them in his home.

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